A House Divided
Season 04, Episode 18
A House Divided
Air Date February 21, 1995
Writer Bruce Ferber
Lloyd Garver
Director Andy Cadiff
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A House Divided is the eighteenth episode of the fourth season. First aired on ABC in the United States on February 21, 1995.


Benny, Tim's friend, moves into his aunt's house while she's away. But a gas leak causes the house to blow up (partially on Benny's part) and Benny must stay with the Taylors, so Tim and the others must rebuild the house before Benny's aunt gets back.


When the Taylors, Wilson, Heidi and the others were fixing the house in some shots it showed the numbers 820 but Randy was drilling them in one at a time. When he drilled in the number 8 in the next shot it showed that the 3 numbers were done already