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A Night to Dismember
Season 07, Episode 05
Air Date October 28, 1997
Writer Eric Horsted
Director Geoffrey Nelson
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A Night to Dismember is the fifth episode of the seventh season. It originally aired on the ABC network in the United States on October 28, 1997.


It's Halloween at the Taylors' house. Jill is upset where Mark spends the night alone with Ronny. She asks Brad and Randy to take them to a party they're going to, but they refuse. Mark tells his parents that he and Ronny are in a film class, and that they're going to be shot a black-and-white horror film. He asks the family to be in it, and they accept. When they start, Jill and Tim worry that it won't be good because it isn't scary yet. When they find his video, they decide to watch it to see how it's going. They find out that it's about a boy, Clark, who has been ignored by his family, Jim, Lil, Chad and Andy. He sees a mad scientist, Dr. Wilsonstein, to get a potion that will turn them into freaks. He then decides to kill them. This makes Jill worry because she thinks Mark really does feel ignored, and wants to kill them. When the final scene began, Mark cuts his father's head off with a real knife. However, Tim cuts the scene off, and says that he ruined his shot. Jill has had enough of the filming, and decided that they needed to talk.