Back in the Saddle Shoes Again
Season 04, Episode 01
Back in the Saddle Shoes Again
Air Date September 20, 1994
Writer Bruce Ferber
Director Andy Cadiff
Previous The Great Race II (Season 3)
Next Don't Tell Momma

Back in the Saddle Shoes Again is the first episode of the fourth season. This is the season premiere. Originally aired on ABC in the United States on September 20, 1994.

NOTE: This is the first episode, in which an anthropomorphic version of the Home Improvement logo appears during the cold opens, using various types of animation. This remains in use until the show's ending in 1999. This is also the first episode where a new opening credit sequence is used, different from the previous seasons, with the addition of "video game" scenes featuring the three boys from the show.


Jill is laid off from the job, and has plans of going back to college to get her Master's Degree in psychology. Tim is doubtful of Jill's idea, and she doesn't appreciate what he's saying to her. In the end, Tim has a conversation with Wilson, and things change right around.


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