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Season 08, Episode 06
Air Date October 27, 1998
Writer Jennifer Celotta
Adam England
Director Geoffrey Nelson
Previous Al's Fair Lady
Next Not-So-Great Scott

Bewitched is the sixth episode of the eighth and final season. It originally aired on ABC in the United States on October 27, 1998.

Notes: This is the last Halloween themed episode of the series. This episode's title is a reference to the ABC sitcom Bewitched starring Elizabeth Montgomery.


The Taylor's holiday tradition of Halloween pranks continues when Jill springs the ultimate on Tim, feigning the disappearance and death of Wilson.

At the beginning of the episode, Tim tries to scare the kids, but fails to do so. Brad tells him; “You just have to face the facts, people grow up.”, then he tries to scare Jill, but he also fails to do that. In their episode of Tool Time, Tim (the Scary Man) Taylor tries to scare Al & Heidi (with a fake hand & arm), but he fails to do so, until Al reaches into a basket & unknown to him, a hand grabs him, making him scream. Tim then, says; “I’M THE KING!”, as the audience applauses.

Later on, Tim is chopping wood for his neighbor; “Mr. Wilson”, when he pretends to have accidentally axed his foot (turns out to be a Halloween prank), & he almost gives Wilson a “heart attack”. At Wilson’s Halloween Party, Jill & Tim (dressed in their costumes), & Wilson introduces Tim to his attorney (who is redoing his will), & Al shows up (dressed as a butterfly). Wilson then, introduces Jill & Tim to his “special friend”; “Agatha” (who turns out to be the woman that Wilson is dating).

Agatha claims to be a “REAL witch”, (judging by the necklace that she’s wearing), but Tim & Jill don’t buy it (thinking it’s a prank). A few minutes late, Tim runs into Agatha again, & she says; “A witch is one you should NOT test, or else her wrath will NEVER rest”, to which Tim hisses at her.

Tim then, talks with Wilson about Agatha being “odd”. Tim gives Wilson some advice on how to break up with her (after he tried multiple times, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer). Later that night, Tim & Jill are planning on having Wilson over for dinner, but he’s not answering his phone, so Tim goes over to Wilsons’ place to see if everything is okay. Once inside however, Tim finds that his house has been completely trashed, but he finds a bunch of candles lit & in the middle was his hat (that he wore for countless years) & underneath it was agathas’ necklace, to which Tim is a little freaked out by this. He drops the necklace & heads back home.

Back at the Taylor household, Tim files a break-in & a “Missing Person” report to a police detective (to which he is working with Wilson & Al, in order to prank Tim). Then, Tim decides to meet them at Wilsons’ house, to which Brad points out that Jill reprogrammed the speed dial was a “touch of genius.” At Wilsons’ house, the detectives are questioning Tim about who would hold a grudge against Wilson, & he mentions Agatha (the witch that they met), & they find that the necklace is gone.

The other detective points out that in Wilsons’ new will that Tim is his “special & wealthy friend”, to which he had no idea. The investigation continues until the other detective finds an axe, hacked into the door & it says; “Property of Tim Taylor”, to which at this point, Tim is now a suspect. As the investigators interrogate Tim, he points out that he told Wilson that she was a little “nutty” & that he might consider breaking off the relationship. He suggests that she’s doing this to get back at Wilson & she’s blaming Tim to cover her tracks. “Mozart”, Wilsons’ pet bird, says; “You’re killing me, Tim!”, to which he says; “Although I’d like to kill that damn bird.”, with a hint of sarcasm.

Jill & Brad are just chilling at the house, when Tim & the detectives return & one of them asks Jill if she can point out her husband’s whereabouts, & she says that he was with her the whole time, to which Tim replies; “Thank you, honey.” Jill continues saying; “Except for that 45 minutes in the middle of the night.”, to which Tim replies that he was in the bathroom for 45 minutes.

Then, another detective comes in & says; “There’s something you guys should see.”, & leads them outside, to find a woman (who looks suspiciously like Agatha), but the detective says that the woman’s name is; “Mary“, from his crime lab. She points out that Wilson has been murdered! The detectives place Tim under arrest for his murder, with Tim & Jill protesting against that. They bring the autopsy table with Wilsons’ “supposed” dead body on it. Tim says he didn’t do anything.

Wilson then, jumps up & says; “BOO!”, to which Tim jumps back, scared. Everyone starts laughing as it’s revealed to be a Halloween prank & Wilson says; “GOTCHA! I AM THE KING!”

At the end, Wilson check up on Mozart, but finds that he’s not in his cage, & he hears Tim say that he somehow got outta the cage & he’s up on a wire. Wilson warns Tim to be careful as he reaches for Mozart, but he gets electrocuted & falls to the ground. Wilson freaks out & goes to check on him, but the REAL Tim emerges with Mozart in a backup cage & scares Wilson & asks; “Who’s the king now?”

Mozart replies; “Tim’s the king! Tim’s the king!!!!”