Cooking With Irma is a "rival" television program to Tool Time that is filmed in the same building and, much to the dismay of Tim, seems to enjoy far more success, even resulting in some confused studio audience members to realize that they are on the wrong set, intending to sit in for Irma.

In one particular instance, both Tim and Al were asked to guest host the show while Irma was unable to do so. Much to the chagrin of Tim, Al is viewed as the "star" during this session and the two reverse roles, Tim playing second fiddle to Al's overwhelming success with the "Irma" crowd.

The show also managed to win quite a few television awards in categories that pitted it against Tool Time, however Tool Time's special on engines, "I could have had a V-8", managed to win the prize, accepted by a shocked Tim and a mouse costume-clad Al.

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