Regular usersEdit

Regular users should immediately report vandalism to an administrator via instant messaging. Do not use User Talk pages - these will not alert the user until they visit As the Bell Rings Wiki.

In the meantime, regular users should manually revert any vandalism.


Administrators should ban large-scale vandals on sight. To revert changes, go to the user's list of contributions and click the rollback links. When reverting changes, please remember to add &bot=1 to the URL of the list of contributions, for example: This will hide both the vandalism and the reverts from the recent changes list.

System administratorsEdit

Extremely large-scale vandalism involving the use of multiple sockpuppets should be resolved by immediately enacting the following measures:

  1. Blocking all instances of the vandal. Be sure to check the user list for unactivated ones.

At a later stage, once all vandalism has been reverted, the user and their revisions may be completely removed from the database. Please be sure to lock the database before starting.