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Don't Tell Momma
Season 04, Episode 02
Don't Tell Mama.png
Air Date September 27, 1994
Writer Rosalind Moore
Howard J. Morris
Director Andy Cadiff
Previous Back in the Saddle Shoes Again (season premiere)
Next Death Begins at Forty

Don't Tell Momma is the second episode of the fourth season. It originally aired on ABC in the United States on September 27, 1994.


Tim digs himself a hole when he drops a three-ton beam on Jill's Chevrolet Nomad, which occurs after he hassles her about a small scratch she got on the car. Tim doesn't tell Jill, who finds out by going to the body shop to get a book out of the car. Brad and Randy prepare to stop the bus bully, but gets kicked off the bus as a side effect.



After Tim tries to convince his sons that he can repair the car without Jill's knowledge:

Randy: Dad, Mom's pretty smart; she's going to notice she doesn't have a car.