Home for the Holidays
Season 08, Episode 11
Air Date December 8, 1998
Writer Jonathan Pollack
Director Peter Bonerz
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Next Ploys for Tots

Home for the Holidays is the eleventh episode of the eighth and final season. It originally aired on the ABC network in the United States on December 8, 1998.

Notes: This is the last Christmas themed episode of the series. Jonathan Taylor Thomas reprises his role as Randy Taylor as a guest star in this episode. This marks Randy's last appearance in the series since he does not appear in the 3 Part Series Finale or any episodes after this one.


Randy returns home unexpectedly for Christmas and discovers all the changes that have gone on in his absence, he then feels not welcome, but enlists help from Tim and Jill. Meanwhile, Tim discovers that his biggest rival in the annual neighborhood lighting contest is Al. At the end, Randy feels welcome again and Al and Trudy get stuck on the roof after winning the lighting contest.


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