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Jill's Passion
Season 07, Episode 07
Air Date November 11, 1997
Writer Elliot Shoenman
Marley Sims
Director Peter Bonerz
Previous The Niece
Next Losing My Religion

Jill's Passion is the seventh episode of the seventh season. First aired on ABC in the United States on November 11, 1997. Tom Wopat of the 1979-1985 CBS series The Dukes of Hazzard plays Ian in this episode.


Tim and Al uses Wilson's garage to demonstrate how to make room in a garage on Tool Time. Jill meets a man named Ian (Tom Wopat) at the gym called YMCA, who is as much in love with classical music as she is. That night, she dreams about kissing him. The next day she ends up telling her friend Patty, and after feeling guilty all day, tells Tim about the dream.