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Jill and Her Sisters
Season 06, Episode 08
Air Date November 12, 1996
Writer Laurie Gelman
Director Andrew Tsao
Previous I Was a Teenage Taylor
Next The Tool Man Delivers

Jill and Her Sisters is the eighth episode of the sixth season. First aired on ABC in the United States on November 12, 1996.


Jill's wild sisters Linda, Carrie, and Tracie visit to plan their parents' 50th anniversary party, but they start arguing the minute they arrive, and Jill quickly grows tired of being the mediator. Meanwhile, with three guests in the house, Tim and the boys camp out in the backyard for a few nights, only for their plans to halt by a secret about one of Jill's sister's ex-husbands whom Tracie is dating while Linda is still married to Ted.

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