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"Does everybody know what time it is?"
"That's right, Binford Tools present Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor".

Lisa is Binford's first "Tool Girl", portrayed by Pamela Anderson.

As a secondary cast member on Tool Time, Lisa's job was to introduce Tim and Al, hand them any tool they requested and sometimes bring in the fan mail or their special guest.

She was also the model for the Binford Tools Calendar.

She left the show to study to study healthcare at a community college, and was replaced by Heidi Keppert. One episode had her returning to help Heidi with her duties. She then announced she had become a certified paramedic, and Al and Tim wished her well in her new career.


Lisa's departure from the show was on account of Pamela Anderson's conflicts with her show Baywatch. Anderson returned to explain why Lisa had been written out of the series, as her last appearance as a full cast member was when Tim challenged Bob Vila to a race.

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