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Maybe, Baby
Season 03, Episode 01
Maybe, Baby.jpg
Air Date September 15, 1993
Writer Bob Bendetson
Director Andy Cadiff
Previous The Great Race (Season 2)
Next Aisle See You in My Dreams

Maybe, Baby is the first episode of the third season. It was first broadcast on the ABC network in the United States on September 15, 1993.

NOTE: This episode features the second appearance of Debbe Dunning, as well as the first appearance of Heidi Keppert.


Jill learns her sister Carol is having a baby girl. When they talk about the baby's name and Jill is going through the boys' baby toys, she wishes she could have a baby girl. Tim tells Randy and Brad that Jill always wanted a girl so they tell Mark that Jill wished he had been a girl. This upsets Mark and when Jill wants to bake a cake with him, he doesn't want to. When she finds out the truth, she tells Mark that what Randy and Brad told him isn't true. Tim is also upset because he doesn't want another child. But he feels alright again when Jill tells him that they don't have time for another child. On Tool Time, Tim and Al welcome Heidi, who becomes the new Binford Tool Girl, after Lisa goes off to college.