Morgan Wandell (played by Danny Zorn) is a character featured in the final episodes of Home Improvement.

Morgan is underhanded and somewhat cocky, serene in his own experience as a producer. He prefers to listen to himself and does not accept suggestions from anyone else underneath him. Morgan is introduced by Bud Harper in the episode Dead Weight as the new vice-president of media production for Binford Tools. Bud reveals to Tim that he himself chose Morgan to supervise Tool Time, but Tim immediately takes a dislike to Morgan because of all the changes that are already being made to the show, not the least of which being that the show is now called Binford's Tool Time, and that the Binford logo is plastered everywhere on the set (including the rear end of Heidi's shorts).

Morgan boasts of his experience in entertainment production, particularly reality television, and Bud feels that Morgan has some good ideas for Tool Time, including what Morgan calls "explosion consistency"; in other words, Morgan wants to see more stuff blown up on the show "whether it's an accident... or not", as he puts it. But Tim refuses to stage accidents on the show, preferring to cite his own stupidity rather than run the risk of someone else getting hurt.

In part one of the series finale The Long And Winding Road, a Jerry Springer-style fight breaks out between audience members and guests during a taping, and Tim is furious when he is later informed that the fight was staged by Morgan, who is only interested in ratings and is willing to go to any extent to get them. Tim refuses to do any more tabloid-style shows, and Morgan hints that Tim can be replaced, but when Tim threatens to talk to Bud, Morgan informs him that Bud is no longer with Binford Tools, which Tim was not aware of, so Tim decides to quit, but Morgan is not concerned. With one more episode left on his contract, Tim decides he going to go out on his own terms, and he, Al and Heidi invite some past favorite guests back for a jam session on the final episode of Tool Time. The episode is a ratings smash.

During Al and Trudi's wedding at Tim and Jill's house, Morgan shows up with a cheese basket for Tim and Jill. He reveals to Jill that he has been frantically trying to get hold of Tim after turning down Morgan's offer of a huge raise and an executive producer credit if he stays on at Tool Time; Morgan even reveals to Jill that he will lose his job if he loses Tim. Jill was not aware of Tim's actions until Morgan told her, but when Morgan tries to guilt Jill into changing Tim's mind Jill is offended and throws Morgan out of the house.

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