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Quest for Fire
Season 07, Episode 01
Lauren and randy.jpg
Air Date September 23, 1997
Writer Bruce Ferber
Lloyd Garver
Director Andrew Tsao
Previous The Kiss and the Kiss Off (Season 6)
Next Clash of the Taylors

Quest for Fire is the first episode of the seventh season. It first aired on the ABC network in the United States on September 23, 1997.

Note: This is the first episode, in which a rerecorded version of "Iron John's Rock" is heard. This would remain in use until the end of the series in 1999. Also, Taran Noah Smith is credited as "Taran Smith".


The Taylors vacation at a Lake Michigan resort. While Tim tries to give "more power!" to the BBQ concept, Randy meets with Lauren and Brad breaks up with Angela. Mark's changing, but is it for the better? Tim is seriously considering quitting Tool Time and moving permanently to this country resort, but Jill thinks he's having a mid-life crisis.