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Season 1
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Network ABC
Run Sep 17, 1991 – May 5, 1992
Episodes # 24
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Next Season Season 2
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The first season of Home Improvement ran on ABC from September 17, 1991 – May 5th, 1992.

Note: This is the only season not to have cold openings.

Opening sequence[]

The opening sequence began with a shot of a wood background. A paper rolls up as the Home Improvement logo is formed. Then, it shows all the houses torn down. Tim pops up with a ruler next to it, and moves his mouth. We cut to a closeup shot of Tim, he puts his goggles on, and uses a sledgehammer to hit the wall. Jill pops in, and Tim looks on astonishment by waving at her. Tim appears next to the show's logo, and we see a shot of Tim and Jill. Tim tears the show's logo down, and Jill hugs Tim. We cut to a shot of Mark, as he appears in a caulking gun. We cut to a shot of Randy, as he swings on a tree. We cut to a shot of Brad, as he turns the TV on. Then, it shows the three boys running around in circles. We cut to various shots of the Taylor family, as well as a shot of the show's logo. The sequence ends with a shot of the Taylor family.


The season introduces the Taylors, the average American family, that really aren't so. Tim Taylor, the man of the house, has his own Tool TV show entitled "Tool Time" with a bachelor co-host Al Borland. Tim is also found to be accident prone and often wanting to rewire and fix things around the house and at work. Jill Taylor is Tim's loving wife, but continually gives him grief over some of the trouble he causes.

Tim and Jill have three sons Brad, Randy and Mark. Each son has their own quirks, Brad is into sports, Randy is smart, and Mark is the younger sensitive brother. They all live together in Detroit, Michigan. As said before, Tim often causes mayhem around with machines as well as his marriage. He often goes to his neighbor, Wilson, who is known to give very profound and helpful advice. Wilson is always found in the backyard behind Tim's fence.


  1. Pilot (series premiere)
  2. Mow Better Blues
  3. Off Sides
  4. Satellite on a Hot Tim's Roof
  5. Wild Kingdom
  6. Adventures in Fine Dining
  7. Nothing More Than Feelings
  8. Flying Sauces
  9. Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble
  10. Reach Out and Teach Someone
  11. Look Who's Not Talking
  12. Yule Better Watch Out
  13. Up Your Alley
  14. For Whom the Belch Tolls
  15. Forever Jung
  16. Jill's Birthday
  17. What About Bob?
  18. Baby, It's Cold Outside
  19. Unchained Malady
  20. Birds of a Feather Flock to Taylor
  21. A Battle of Wheels
  22. Luck Be a Taylor Tonight
  23. Al's Fair in Love and War
  24. Stereo-Typical (season finale)


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