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Season 4
Network ABC
Run Sep 20, 1994 - May 23, 1995
Episodes # 26
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The fourth season of Home Improvement ran on ABC from September 20th, 1994 - May 23rd 1995. Shawn Shea and Guy Distad became stage managers starting with this season.

Opening sequence[]

The opening credits for this season began with a paper rolling on a wood background, and then, the show's logo appeared. Tim hides behind the show's logo, and stands up. Tim screams and falls down into a piece of wood. Jill walks in with a book and suitcase, and puts the clothes into the laundry. Tim flaps his arms, and Jill uses a wheelbarrow. Tim pops in on the wheelbarrow, and we see a shot of the steamroller. Wilson points at the radio controller, and we see another shot of the steamroller. We cut to a shot of Wilson, and a steamroller passes by as pieces of wood land on. Then, the show's logo is formed. We cut to a shot of "video game" scenes featuring the three boys. The Tool Time logo rolls up, and Tim looks at his watch as the TV went static. Al fixes the static on the TV as Tim smiles. We cut to a shot of Al, as well as the entire Taylor family.


The season introduces the Taylors, the average American family, that really aren't so. Tim Taylor, the man of the house, has his own TV show entitled "Tool Time" with a bachelor co-host Al Borland. Tim is also found to be the accident prone and often wanting to rewire and fix things around the house and at work. Jill Taylor is Tim's loving wife, but continually gives him grief over some of the trouble he causes.

Tim and Jill have three sons Brad, Randy and Mark. Each son has their own quirks, Brad is into sports, Randy is smart, and Mark is the younger sensitive brother. They all live in Detroit, Michigan. As said before, Tim often causes mayhem around with machines as well as his marriage. He often goes to his neighbor, Wilson, who is known to give very profound and helpful advice. Wilson is always found in the backyard behind Tim's fence.


  1. Back in the Saddle Shoes Again (season premiere)
  2. Don't Tell Momma
  3. Death Begins at Forty
  4. The Eyes Don't Have It
  5. He Ain't Heavy, He's Just Irresponsible
  6. Borland Ambition
  7. Let's Go to the Videotape
  8. Quibbling Siblings
  9. My Dinner with Wilson
  10. Ye Olde Shoppe Teacher
  11. Some Like it Hot Rod
  12. Twas the Night Before Chaos
  13. The Route of All Evil
  14. Brother, Can You Spare a Hot Rod?
  15. Super Bowl Fever
  16. Bachelor of the Year
  17. It's My Party
  18. A House Divided
  19. The Naked Truth
  20. Talk to Me
  21. No, No, Godot
  22. Tool Time After Dark (Part 1)
  23. Tool Time After Dark (Part 2)
  24. Sisters and Brothers
  25. A Marked Man
  26. Wilson's Girlfriend (season finale)


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