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Season 5
Network ABC
Run Sep 19, 1995 - May 21, 1996
Episodes # 26
Prev Season Season 4
Next Season Season 6
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The fifth season of Home Improvement ran on ABC from September 19th, 1995 - May 21st 1996.


The season introduces the Taylors, the average American family, that really aren't so. Tim Taylor, the man of the house, has his own TV show entitled "Tool Time" with a bachelor co-host Al Borland. Tim is also found to be the accident prone and often wanting to rewire and fix things around the house and at work. Jill Taylor is Tim's loving wife, but continually gives him grief over some of the trouble he causes.

Tim and Jill have three sons Brad, Randy and Mark. Each son has their own quirks, Brad is into sports, Randy is smart, and Mark is the younger sensitive brother. They all live in Detroit, Michigan. As said before, Tim often causes mayhem around with machines as well as his marriage. He often goes to his neighbor, Wilson, who is known to give very profound and helpful advice. Wilson is always found in the backyard behind Tim's fence.


  1. A Taylor Runs Through It (season premiere)
  2. The First Temptation of Tim
  3. Her Cheatin' Mind
  4. Jill's Surprise Party
  5. Advise and Repent
  6. Let Them Eat Cake
  7. The Look
  8. Room Without a View
  9. Chicago Hope
  10. Doctor in the House
  11. That's My Momma
  12. Twas the Flight Before Christmas
  13. Oh, Brother
  14. High School Confidential
  15. Tanks for the Memories
  16. The Vasectomy One
  17. Fear of Flying
  18. When Harry Kept Delores
  19. Eye on Tim
  20. The Bud Bowl
  21. Engine and a Haircut, Two Fights
  22. The Longest Day
  23. Mr. Wilson's Opus
  24. Shopping Around
  25. Alarmed by Burglars
  26. Games, Flames and Automobiles (season finale)


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