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My name is Arculus Ambleway, and I've visited many different wikias. Home Improvement is my favorite show and has been for over five years. I own all eight seasons on DVD and have seen all the episodes and know all the characters and their respective actors/actresses. It's saddening to see this wikia like a wasteland in terms of contributors, and even articles. Only eighteen, one of whih was added recently by me. I believe it the right of every Home Improvement fan to get information on characters, settings, places, actors, episodes and more related to Home Improvement.

Anyone who can help to contribute, I urge with greatest hope that you will join me in reviving this wikia to do Home Improvement justice.

I've lately been going through the already-existing articles on the site, cleaning them up and reorganizing them. The pages of Mark and Randy are reorganized and now nicely written. I did not delete good comments on them, just either moved them, or rewrote them in a more professional way, no pit of information left out.

As I go through the wikia, I will post here to update those, (who may or may not be few) who are interested in helping. Whichever article I revived, you will see this message in the discussion board, hoping to gain contributors. I also urge the admins to help as well. It's time for Home Improvement to be revived once more. Arculus Ambleway 16:14, February 5, 2010 (UTC)

Home page

Proposed new home page for the main page. Creates useful links + more visual (link)