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Revive the Wiki[]

My name is Arculus Ambleway, and I've visited many different wikias. Home Improvement is my favorite show and has been for over five years. I own all eight seasons on DVD and have seen all the episodes and know all the characters and their respective actors/actresses. It's saddening to see this wikia like a wasteland in terms of contributors, and even articles. Only eighteen, one of whih was added recently by me. I believe it the right of every Home Improvement fan to get information on characters, settings, places, actors, episodes and more related to Home Improvement.

Anyone who can help to contribute, I urge with greatest hope that you will join me in reviving this wikia to do Home Improvement justice. Whichever article I revived, you will see this message in the discussion board, hoping to gain contributors. I also urge the admins to help as well. It's time for Home Improvement to be revived once more.

This page is of Randy Taylor, everyone's favorite character. This article isn't that bad, but I think I'm going to split it into different headings, making a section for his interests. A lot of it is already there, so it's only a matter of moving text from one point to another. Then, I'll add more information when needed.

Whoever has a picture of Randy, please post it. 21:24, February 4, 2010 (UTC)Arculus Ambleway195.112.194.138 21:24, February 4, 2010 (UTC)