Season 06, Episode 24
Air Date May 13, 1997
Writer Bruce Ferber
Lloyd Garver
Director Peter Bonerz
Previous The Feminine Mistake
Next The Kiss and the Kiss Off (season finale)

Taps is the twenty-fourth episode of the sixth season. First aired on ABC in the United States on May 13, 1997.


Jill has had a hectic quarter at college, and needs some personal time. So, when her father calls in wanting to fly in for a visit, she lies that she's feeling sick, so her parents won't visit. However, days later, Jill finds out that her father has had a heart attack and died, and she is beside herself with guilt and regret; a matter that is not helped when she files down to Texas and her mother and sisters baby and coddle her still thinking she's sick. Meanwhile, Tim has to deal with the various ways the boys deal with the loss, namely Randy's tendency to make jokes about it.


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