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The Flirting Game
Production Info
Directed By: Peter Filsinger
Written By: Laurie Gelman
Produced By: Eric Horsted
Episode Info
Season: 6
Episode: 13
Air Date: January 7, 1997

The Flirting Game is the thirteenth episode of the sixth season. First aired on the ABC network in the United States on New Years Day, January 7, 1997.


Jill wonders if flirting with a possible boss will get her employed, after Tim bought a box of cleanser from a flirting salesperson.


Tim Allen Tim Taylor
Patricia Richardson Jill Taylor
Zachery Ty Bryan Brad Taylor
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Randy Taylor
Taran Noah Smith Mark Taylor
Richard Karn Al Borland
Earl Hindman Wilson W. Wilson Jr.
Debbe Dunning Heidi
Tammy Lauren Patty
Rick Lenz Dr. Matthews
Mike Starr Officer Hill
Andrea C. Robinson Saleswoman
Jane Hallaren Receptionist
Jolie Jackunas Brenda


Supervising Producer Laurie Gelman
Executive Producers Charlie Hauck
Tim Allen
Carmen Finestra
Matt Williams
David McFadzean
Elliot Shoenman
Consulting Producer Marley Sims
Lloyd Garver
Ruth Bennett
Co-Producer Alan Padula
John Vandergriff
Director of Photography Donald A. Morgan
Production Designer David Sackeroff
Editors Marco Zappia
Roger Ames Berger
Associate Director Pat Fischer-Doak
Stage Managers Shawn Shea
Guy Distad
Music Dan Foliart


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