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The Look
Season 05, Episode 07
The Look.png
Air Date November 7, 1995
Writer Elliot Shoenman
Marley Sims
Director Andy Cadiff
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Next Room Without a View

The Look is the seventh episode of the fifth season. First aired on the ABC network in the United States on November 7, 1995.


Tim gets "the look" from Jill, after spending $4,000 on Pistons season tickets from Bud. Tim admits to Wilson he was intimidated by "the look" and after getting advice, sells some of the tickets to friends.




  • The games are divided up among Tim and his groups of friends and reflect the 1995-1996 NBA Season. The following games are claimed:
  • Tim - February 21 vs. The Knicks. Dolores also wanted this game, but Tim overruled her until she attempts to get her way by giving him the look.