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Unchained Malady
Tim and Jill Fighting.png
Production Info
Directed By: John Pasquin
Written By: Billy Riback
Episode Info
Season: 1
Episode: 19
Air Date: February 25, 1992

Unchained Malady is the nineteenth episode of the first season of Home Improvement. It originally aired on ABC in the United States on February 25, 1992.


Tim gets a chain mail and throws it away. Bad luck soon follows him. He dyes his hands green and Jill beats him up, decking him in the face with a knockout punch, giving him a black eye and a disfigured face


Tim: "Try to hit me in the face.  Come on"

Jill: "Tim!  I am not gonna fight you!"

Tim: "You're not gonna fight me; I'm just gonna show you how much skill it takes to hit a moving target."

Jill: "I don't want to hit you!"

Tim: "I didn't say you were gonna hit me; I said you were going to TRY to hit me."

Tim (While playfully touching Jill's hair): ''"Ding, ding."

Jill: "Stop that!"

Karen: "Nail him!"

Tim: "Come on."

Jill (Raising her fists into a fighting pose): "Alright."

Tim: "Good."

(Tim and Jill fight and Jill tries to land a punch on Tim)

     Tim: "Come on, hit me.  What's your problem?  Honey?"

     Jill: "I'm gonna get you."

     Tim: "Oh, I'm so scared, I'm shaking in my boots."

     Jill: "I am!"

(Jill struggles to land a solid punch on Tim as he dodges):

     Tim: "See?  It's a science.  I'm outhinking you."

     Mark: "I blew a bubble!"

(Tim looks away briefly and Jill throws a powerful right hook):

     Jill lands a solid right hook on Tim's face and then proceeds to beat him up:

(Loud punches are heard as they land on Tim's face as it starts to swell and turn black and blue)

(Tim is knocked out with two black eyes and a horribly disfigured face while Jill shakes her hands)

Jill: "Ah!  Ah!"


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